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How to Reduce risk at your next Christmas party

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Want to make sure your Christmas party is engaging and exciting and doesn't turn into a silly season? Stories of work Christmas parties gone wrong abound, and it might be tempting to forego the event together.

But the end-of-year party is a great way to recognise and reward your employees for a job well done, and there are ways to minimise the risks of alcohol contributing to poor behaviour.

Here are four tips for organising a well-managed and exciting staff Christmas party.

1. Plan ahead

Think about the potential risks ahead of time, for example what happens if a staff member gets intoxicated? What steps will you take? Who will be responsible for managing the situation on the night? A well-prepared risk management plan makes it easy to deal with any hiccups.

It's a good idea to remind staff of your expectations for their behaviour. Using creative messaging around safety, rather than just reiterating workplace rules and regulations, can help create a more positive atmosphere for the event thus increasing engagement level.

2. Limit the booze

Be creative with the type of beverages you serve. Talk to the venue about making lower alcohol signature cocktails that staff will be excited to try. Consider not having an open bar - free drinks can be a recipe for disaster. Encourage less alcohol consumption by having a formal runsheet for the night, including a fun awards ceremony or team activities with prizes.

3. Keep the food coming

Every Christmas party needs a steady supply of food to mop up the alcohol! Serve canapes throughout the night or set up a buffet or grazing table for people to help themselves.

4. Make it exciting

A professional MC can help with the smooth running of your event (comedians and magicians make formal proceedings light and fun). A band, DJ or a showcase of different performers will keep the party pumping. A photo booth or cartoonist drawing portraits can entertain staff all night long.

With a little preparation and a bit less alcohol, your Christmas party can be a safe and enjoyable way to round off the year. And if you're looking for an MC to keep things entertaining, contact us at

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