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How events can really elevate your marketing and your business? (Podcast Interview)

Our CEO, Eyob Yesus enjoyed a fantastic conversation about events with Jane Hillsdon from the, 'How to do marketing show?'. Jane is a marketing expert that is a HUGE fan of events. She loves attending them, loves organising them and most of all, she LOVE's how they can bring together businesses and their customers to experience a really rich and engaging interaction.

Events will feature in most of her marketing plans for clients. Whether they be information seminars, industry conferences, networking sessions or annual VIP days where a business takes a bunch of their best clients for an afternoon at the local races, events can be a really powerful way to create engagement and build relationships.

But due to social distance and travel restriction, the events we once knew and loved have transitioned from offline and in-person to online.

This creates tremendous opportunity as it opens up the attendance of events to people based anywhere in the world. It also presents a few challenges – like how do you create the same level of energy and engagement with an online event?

In this chat, our CEO shared what events look like right now and how they will likely progress into the future. He shares how we can ensure that we are still leveraging events to achieve our marketing goals, even if we are executing these events online.

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Sep 11, 2021

Lovely bllog you have here

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