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Pawsitive Steps - Case Study

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The Event

Yes, we did it! Our friendly, cuddly and cute dogs raised awareness for mental health in the wider Sydney community by challenging and changing attitudes towards mental health and embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing at home, work and school. Pawsitive Steps – Mind, Doggy and Spirit Festival 2019 brought an array of programs that not only delivered fun, fitness and health but also educated the public on some key issues around mental health and dogs.

Our Brief

Raise and execute a successful Mental Health awareness campaign in the form of a ground-breaking fun and wholistic approach through a festival. An engaging event that has the potential to maximize and leverage like-minded organizations, thus delivering a reciprocal response. Work with the committee to deliver a strong marketing campaign with a well-executed event.

Scope of Work

• Administration

• Art director (Stylist)

• Creative director

• Event coordination

• Event evaluation (Event report including ROI, ROO and ROE)

• Event management

• Event strategy (including a brainstorming session)

• Format and content

• Sponsorship (Secured Rouse Hill Town Centre and Pro-plan)

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