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Five Tips on how to use PR for your event campaign

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The benefits of using events as a part of your marketing strategy to build your company profile is one of the strongest ways to generate direct ROI. Events play a big part in PR by strategically building mutual beneficial relationships between organisations and the public which sees this translated into a brand awareness or direct return in sales for your product or service. We work closely with some of the best PR companies in Australia to deliver an effective strategy that works for your organisation. Here are five tips on how to use events as your PR campaign;

  • Attend Events – Attend other events o network and promote. Industry and business related networking events are a great way to promote your upcoming event while raising your profile.

  • Build your Profile – Build your profile by presenting at other events so that you can create your own following. You can then build your own following and influence to deliver a great event for your business.

  • Create an online presence – Use social media communities and groups to share relevant information that relates to your upcoming event through creative content creation and knowledge.

  • Use your talent – Pitch your booked speakers and entertainment to the media for interviews and expert insights. This is a great way to leverage on the booked talent and program of events.

  • Target bloggers and influencers – Bloggers and influencers have a strong following and it is a great way to leverage of their audience.

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