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The Future of Work - Case Study

Updated: May 30

The Event

Australia’s workforce and economy are on the brink of a significant transformation. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced robotics, and the Internet of Things are rapidly disrupting and replacing human labor. As a result, today’s and tomorrow’s workers face increasing uncertainty regarding job security. It is crucial for communities, educators, policymakers, and employers to proactively prepare workers for this evolving future. Individuals must consider how to best equip themselves, while parents should explore education and career options for their children that align with this new landscape.

Our Brief

To raise awareness about the critical importance of digital and technological skills for the future of Australia's workforce through an engaging public forum. Additionally, to drive business, brand, and value alignment with local businesses, chambers, and community groups.

Scope of Work

  • Administration

  • Catering Management

  • Event Coordination

  • Event Evaluation

  • Event Management

  • Event Strategy

  • Event Production

  • Format and Content

  • Venue Management

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