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The Orchards Launch - Case Study

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

THE BRIEF To successfully launch a Grand Opening for Sekisui House latest development, The Orchards, Imperial Apartments in the Hills District. The theme focused on the strong citrus, orchard farm history of the Hills. Imperial is the first seed of this new master planned community. A modern-day chapter of the story that builds on the heritage of growth and community, aspiration, diversity and generosity.


Guests were greeted on arrival by a juggler that Juggled oranges and various citrus fruits to set the scene and expectation. Entrance into a beautiful display suite, showcasing the build models and various stages of the Orchards development. Live music from a modern soul artist performing new and classic tunes. Guests then made their way to the Sekisui House built-in immersion room that took them on a journey on what they believe will be the vision of the community and what it will look like to live in their community. Guests then made their way to the back deck where a citrus inspired ‘Juice Me’ installation piece was put together by our team which had a live juicing station. A caricature artist delivered a memorable take home artwork of the guests. High end, tasty canapes and substantial canapes to deliver a successful launch.


• Administration

• Art Director (Stylist)

• Audio and visual production

• Creative direction (citrus theme)

• Catering and venue management

• Event coordination • Event management

• Event production

• Format and content development

• Invites and registration

• Pre-event and onsite communication

• Staging and Logistics

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