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The Orchards Grand Opening Launch - Case Study

Updated: Apr 5

The Brief

Our task was to orchestrate a successful Grand Opening for Sekisui House's latest development, The Orchards, Imperial Apartments, located in the Hills District. The overarching theme centred around the rich citrus and orchard farm history of the area. Imperial Apartments represent the inaugural phase of this new master-planned community, symbolising a modern-day continuation of the region's legacy of growth, community, aspiration, diversity, and generosity.



Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a juggler skilfully juggling oranges and various citrus fruits, setting the tone for the event. The entrance led guests into a stunning display suite, featuring intricate models and stages of The Orchard’s development. Throughout the evening, live music filled the air, courtesy of a modern soul artist who entertained guests with a mix of new and classic tunes.


Next, guests were ushered into the Sekisui House built-in immersion room, offering a captivating journey into the envisioned community and the experience of living there. Following this immersive experience, guests proceeded to the back deck, where they encountered a vibrant citrus-inspired 'Juice Me' installation, complete with a live juicing station. Additionally, a caricature artist provided guests with personalised artwork to take home as mementos.


To complement the immersive experience, our team curated a selection of high-end, delectable canapes and substantial bites, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all attendees.


Scope of Work

Our comprehensive scope of work encompassed various aspects crucial to the success of the event:


·      Administration

·      Art Direction (Styling)

·      Audio and Visual Production

·      Creative Direction (Citrus Theme)

·      Catering and Venue Management

·      Event Coordination

·      Event Management

·      Event Production

·      Format and Content Development

·      Invitations and Registration

·      Pre-event and Onsite Communication

·      Staging and Logistics


By meticulously planning and executing each element of the event, we delivered a seamless and unforgettable Grand Opening experience for The Orchards, Imperial Apartments, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Contact our team at for your grand opening.

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