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Our event process to understand your brand - 4M's

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Understanding you, the brand, the product, goals and purpose of the event will assist us in translating your event into a unique and engaging experience. Creating an event that will inspire and make that everlasting impression for your guests or attendees takes more than just putting a run sheet and timelines in place.

Our process - 4M's


Getting in your mindset enables us to understand your objectives and what you want to achieve. Understanding your business is crucial to delivering your event. What does your brand stand for? What message is your brand sending? And where does your business sit in the marketplace?


Icon Corporate Events draws influence from mainstream pop culture, arts, design, history, fashion and technology. Working with interior designers, stylists, public relations experts, social media and digital specialists to tailor an experience that creates lasting memories and enables people to live your brand.


With a detail-oriented approach and staff that deliver, we ensure that your customer’s experience exceeds the hype. Leaving nothing to chance, we ensure that the only thing you have to worry about is the taxi ride home.


Yeah, you had a good time… But with effective reporting tools and key performance indicators, we ensure that your event performs for your brand and keeps your customers coming back every time.

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