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I closed myself in the bathroom, where Natasha had a wonderful night.

Five minutes later, clean and cheerful, only with slightly trembling hands, I went into the kitchen

“They have already left,” said Igorek, slicing bread for sandwiches.

- Forward! I took a piece of bread and left the house.

Igor stomped behind.

- Where are you going! Let me eat! I spent three hours in the mentor.

- Once, Nina is coming here. Close the door.

We got into the car and drove out of the yard.

Are we going to close the gate?

- Once. Tell me better, how did you get to the cops? - I gnawed a piece of bread and looked ahead: Nina was about to appear.

- Easily, as they get to: he approached, got into the car, and they surrounded - the local "six" - felt boots with trunks.

- And what did they need, Igorek?

- They began to pinch me that the car was stolen, such a sandwich!


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