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At the heart of event management lies the fundamental role of connecting people — putting humans first.


'Delivering experiences that connect people, build communities and support them on their mission'


A creative, connective community that is committed to creating the best event experiences in the world. 

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The Icon Corporate Events team are professional, friendly and effective! I have worked with Eyob and his team on two large conferences and both times I can say with certainty that the events would not have been successful without his diligence and attention to detail. I loved working with Eyob and his team, finding them resourceful, supportive and consummate professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend Eyob and the Icon Corporate Events team to run, or assist with running, your events.

Kate Toohey, 
Community Transport Organisation


Event management

Is the spark that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, the source of innovation, and the pulse of every great event.

Event management

Experience the magic of genuine connection at your  next event. It's the essence of what events do to unite people, the heart of collaboration, and meaningful relationships.

Event management

Discover the joy of forging bonds, fostering community, and making your network a place of true support and growth.

Event management

The cornerstone of lasting success, the pledge to your vision, and the fuel that propels your enterprise forward.

The connection journey, we’re on it!



We’ve developed our own approach to managing and delivering events. We have simplified it for you so that you can enjoy the process . The 4 M's unique process designs, develops and delivers outstanding events that keep our clients coming back for more.

Mindset: Getting in your mindset enables us to understand your objectives and what you want to achieve at your event. Getting to know you, your staff and your business ensures that we hit the mark on your event goals and deliver a successful event. Who are you? (As a business) What are your company values and team culture? Who is your target market? How do we translate your brand into an engaging event?

Make: Icon Corporate Events draws influence from mainstream pop culture, arts, history, design and fashion to recommend an event that is unique to your organisation. Working with Australia’s best interior designers, stylists, public relations experts, social media and digital specialists to tailor an experience that creates lasting memories and enables people to live your brand.

Manage: With a detail-oriented approach, content development and staff that deliver, we ensure that your customer’s experience exceeds the hype. Leaving nothing to chance, we ensure that the only thing you have to worry about is the taxi ride home.

Measure: The most successful events go on working long after the last guest leaves. Yes, you had a good time... But with effective reporting tools and key performance indicators, we ensure that your event performs for your company and keeps your customers coming back every time.

The Process

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