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Four effective reporting tools for your business event

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Events are a great way for companies and brands to connect with their audience and effective reporting tools deliver measurable outcomes that is crucial for your business. Below are some reporting tools to assist you in measuring events before, during and after.

Social media

Tracking social media activity on event day (through mentions and hashtags) is a great way to measure attendee engagement. Keeping track of the comments and activities such as likes, and shares can assist with understanding engagement levels and future event highlights that need to be improved or given an extra push for attracting more attendees.


Send out your survey’s straight after the event to collect data that delivers measurable feedback. Overall, did they enjoy the event? What do your attendees think about your event and what could be improved on? Your attendees feedback provides valuable insight about your program so you can improve in future.

Targeted messaging

Sending out regular emails leading up to the event will assist you determine what messaging and program details are resonating most with your audience. Using a platform such as MailChimp will allow you to gauge how many people are opening your emails and clicking your links.


Gamification is a new trend that will allow you to offer an engaging experience with your attendees. Attendees are always looking for new ways to stay engaged and offering a gaming platform that delivers the theme or message of your event will deliver a memorable experience.

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