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Event activations that work for your next event

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Ever sponsored an event where you spent time and money creating an activation that didn’t work? Event activation and sponsorship is a costly outlay for any company that does not see the return on investment for their efforts. Here are three key points that you as a client should always take into consideration when investing in an activation or sponsorship:

Get involved

Your employees are your biggest advocates. Get them involved in your activation. Companies that involve their employees in community-based activations get better engagement and reach to the wider community

Direct relationship

Sponsorship activation should directly relate to brand marketing activity. Aligning your message to the sponsorship and activation is very powerful. Always be creative and work on conceptual ideas that will inspire your audience

PR stunts

To boost your activation, a PR stunt is another great element that can add a lot of fun and get you a serious boost in publicity for your activation. A proactive approach to media is imperative. Arrange a discovery day with the PR company of the event.

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