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How to prepare for your upcoming trade show? 5 tips for Exhibitors.

Exhibiting at a trade show or an expo is a powerful way to promote your business and generate leads. It’s also a great way to build your network and develop relationships with key stakeholders within your industry. Preparing for a tradeshow can be a little daunting and going in unprepared will not give you the ROI that you’re looking to get from the show. Here are 5 tips that will deliver great results for your tradeshow.

What are your objectives and what are you trying to achieve?

That all important ‘Why’ question needs to be answered to understand your objectives and what you’re trying to achieve at the trade show. Are you looking to increase brand awareness for your company? Is it a lead generating objective? Are you launching a new product?

Set a budget

Once you have set your objective’s, write-up a wish-list of how you’d like to achieve these objectives. The key to this exercise is to come up with the best and creative way to achieve your objectives by looking into the immediate resources that are available to you this includes your team, marketing team, marketing collateral and stand package. Once you have a really good understanding of this, set a budget.

Talk to the organiser

One of the key things that a lot of exhibitors fail to do is to set-up a meeting with the PCO or the event manager to discuss what they’re objectives are for the event. These experts have a really good understanding of the attendees, exhibitors and sponsors and they are the best person to talk too for your objectives.

TIP: Ask the organiser for a suggested checklist of what to bring and what you can do differently at the show.

Strong, resilient team

A trade show is the ultimate speed networking and lead generating event. Set expectation and deliver them just before doors open on event day. Get your team excited and remind them of the core goal for the day. Set up a lead capture program or apps (Akkroo is a fantastic platform that connects to most CRM systems). Keep your team energised by providing healthy snacks and water throughout the day. Follow up is the 80/20 rule. It is essential. Plan the follow up process early to ensure leads are contacted whilst hot to generate the most bang for your buck.

Checklist 101

Create a pre, onsite and post event checklist to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Have another teammate review the list to ensure nothing is missing. Checklists are critical in delivering flawless event.

For more on how to prepare for your next trade show or expo, contact our team on today.

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