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Three key components for event communication

Communication is key to productivity and success for any of your upcoming event. It is how we differentiate ourselves by being a part of your world to create a joint vision for your event and maintain good rapport. Communication eliminates any doubt by keeping everyone on the same page whereby ideas and event details can flow easily, effectively and efficiently. There are three key components of event communication that we focus on to deliver an engaging event.

Client communication

Communication with the client links to the first of our 4M’s process – Mindsetting. Getting in your mindset enables us to understand your objectives and what you want to achieve. Understanding your business is crucial to delivering your event. What does your brand stand for? What message is your brand sending? And where does your audience sit in the marketplace? We do this through intense research, client questionnaire and event briefing. There are five key factors of your business that give us an insight into your world – The 'Why' Factor, company culture, brand, value proposition and persona.

Team communication

With so many moving parts required to execute a great event, effective team communication is vital. Communication defines the expectations of each team member’s tasks and holds each person accountable to what they need to deliver to ensure the success of the event. Our team has weekly meetings to set goals, outline tasks for the week and manage expectations followed by regular team briefings throughout the day to track progress.

Attendee communication

Our process has been tailored to attract the right audience to our events. Communicating content that has been curated to the attendee’s needs will enable you to build a following that will be happy to attend your event. Scheduling regular social media posts, photos and interactive polls create an integrated communication strategy. Facebook is great for engaging supporters, Instagram uses the power of photos to attract attendees. On a B2B level, however, a quick, formal Twitter post and face to face contact is preferred. We also carry out the communication process post-event by asking attendees to complete a feedback survey. This will give you greater insight in to the event experience and how future events can be improved.

With every aspect of communication covered, Icon Corporate Events will support your event through the right communication channels.

Get in contact with us today to find out exactly how we can improve the communication at your next business event.

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