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9 Key Steps to Securing a Venue for your Next Event

Updated: Jun 27

Planning a successful event begins with selecting the right venue. Whether you're organising a conference, an award night, or a networking event the venue sets the tone and impacts every aspect of your event. To assist you in navigating the challenges of venue selection, we've compiled nine key steps to ensure you book the perfect venue for your next event.


1.        Check availability with multiple venues: Ensuring your desired dates and spaces are available can be challenging, especially during peak seasons such as the end of the year (December). Select multiple venues in your chosen location, create a list of options that match your requirements and secure a great option nice and early.

ATC Royal Randwick
ATC Royal Randwick - Great venue for large events!

2.        Solidify your budget: Budget constraints can limit venue choices, especially if there are hidden fees for services and amenities that you may not be aware of. Solidify your budget, request an itemised list of any hidden fees and communicate with the venue contact about sticking to the budget.


3.        Consider Capacity: Choose a venue that can accommodate 10-20% more than your expected number of attendees. This buffer helps you meet safety guidelines and allows for last-minute additional attendees.

Hyatt Regency Sydney
Hyatt Regency Sydney - We love this venue for small conferences and gala dinners

4.        Assess amenities and services: Identify amenities and any additional services you need, such as audiovisual, coffee options, or parking facilities. Create a checklist of these requirements and confirm with the venue manager via email.


5.        Venue flexibility and restrictions: Some venues have strict policies that might limit your event activities. Read through the cancellation policy or any restrictions on customisation (For example, most hotels won’t allow you to use their walls to hang signs or posters). Outline what you want to achieve with your event to find a venue that aligns with your vision.


6.        Choose a great location: Select a location that is convenient for your target audience. Consider accessibility, parking options, and proximity to transportation to ensure attendee convenience and overall event success.

Western Sydney Conference Centre
Western Sydney Conference Centre in Penrith is an exceptional venue for your next product launch, conference and networking event.

7.        Effective communication: Maintain streamlined communication with the venue. Typically, there will be two contacts: the Business Development Manager (BDM) for pre-event bookings and terms, and the venue manager or event coordinator for onsite coordination.

Pro Tip: Request risk and emergency management plans for added assurance for onsite communication.


8.        Review contracts thoroughly: Read venue contracts carefully to ensure all your requirements are met. Negotiating terms can be challenging, so involve your solicitor to assist with negotiations and avoid unexpected fees.

Showtime Event Group
Super flexible venue with multiple options at Showtime Event Group in Melbourne

9.        Check reviews: Search for reviews and seek feedback from your network or event management groups (LinkedIn or Facebook) about the venue. Avoid venues with poor reputations, even if they meet your requirements, to ensure a successful event.


Selecting the right venue is a critical step in the event planning process. By following these nine key steps, you can secure a venue that aligns with your vision and meets your event requirements.


Ready to book the right venue for your next corporate event? Contact Icon Corporate Events today to start planning a memorable experience today.

Email us at or call us on 0450 582 080 to learn more about our services.

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