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Bartercard 25th Year Anniversary - Case Study

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The Event

Bartercard provides an immense online marketplace for companies to barter their products and services with other companies. It is the world's largest cashless business networking platform and is designed to expand your business and your profits. Bartercard celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the beautiful Baia The Italian in a true Barter deal.

Our Brief

Was to transform a beautiful restaurant into an Anniversary space that allowed for strong Bartercard branding including organising a beautiful 25year Green and White cake, Balloons, Merch and formalities. A celebration that utilised their member base to Barter their products to make this event a success. (Theme)

Scope of Work

• Administration

• Event coordination

• Event management

• Format and content

• Registration

• Theme and direction

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