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Event solutions through these tough times

Keep calm and keep meeting is the message that we've received from Meetings and Events Australia (MEA) with assurances from Josh Frydenberg that the government is working on a program of industry support measures to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Inline with MEA, we wanted to share some of our solutions for your upcoming events so that you can mitigate your risk and avoid any further postponement and cancelations. These are tough times and we are on your side.

Government bans all ‘non-essential’ events over 500 attendees.

The Federal Government has banned all “non-essential” gatherings of more than 500 people in response to the escalation of coronavirus outbreak. The ban, which was recommended by chief medical officer Brendan Murphy, includes sporting events, concerts and conferences, but doesn’t include schools, university lectures, public transport or going to airports or people’s “normal everyday business”.

What does this mean to your upcoming events?

Any events that are above the 500-attendee threshold will need to either be downsized or postponed. Turn your live event to a webcast and virtual event. You can still have all the live elements of the event in a room and broadcasted live. Did you have an event planned overseas? Have it locally and utilise a webcast or virtual event to transmit your message live. Now is a great time to reassess your risk management plan for future events and work on increasing the creative and engagement levels of your upcoming events.

Must have's at live events.

Soap Soap doesn’t just wash away the virus, it disables it. According to UNSW Professor of Chemistry Pall Thordarson, soap is the most efficient way of killing viruses. Hand sanitisers  Hand sanitiser is a good alternative where soap isn’t available, so ensure you have plenty of hand sanitisers and offer them to guests as they register. Seating  Ensure some distance between seats so that people don’t accidently bump into each other.

Banquet – 8 to a table instead of 10 Classroom – 2 per table or individual tables with a 50cm Theatre style seating – 50 cm between chairs

Catering  Offer individual lunch boxes and avoid grazing tables and buffets. Venues are very flexible these days and have several solutions for your events.  Cool new ‘Handshake’  Come up with a cool new ‘handshake’ (Air-shake) that will be carried out through the event. This will be a great reminder of what you are dealing with COVID 19 and it will an engaging piece. (Watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air for some ideas)

Webcasting Solutions

Best alternative through these tough times.

A message from one our trusted suppliers, Power Creative. Watch the video.

Audio and Powerpoint Webinar

This style of webinar allows a presenter to broadcast a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, with a voiceover. The viewer sees only the presentation slides along with the presenter’s voice. The viewer can comment or ask questions back to the presenter. This type of streaming can be undertaken on platforms like Webex, Skype for Business and Zoom.

Price range: Subscription model

Conference-style webcast solution

This style of webcast allows your presenters to present as they would in a live auditorium. Viewers will see a combination of presentations and a mix of live cameras. They can participate using the typed Q&A feature in the webcasting system, or through an event app. The great thing is you can embellish the ‘stage’ area with content, backdrops, branding and lighting, or even an LED wall. 

Price range: $11,000 to $16,000 + GST

Closed Studio webcast solution

Whilst similar in set up to the above webcast solution, you have the added advantage of being in a very controlled environment.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the advantage of this solution is that you can have your presenter arrive safely and securely at a venue and be directed to the presentation space with limited contact. 

Price range: From $9,900 to $14,500 + GST

For more solutions on how you can continue working on your event, please contact our team on

Credit to AV1 for also providing webcast content solutions.

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