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Grand Opening - Case Study

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The Event

Williamson Building Corporation completed a New Age Boarding House that was an Australian first and wanted to celebrate the completion of the build with a Grand Opening. WBC is a young, innovative, construction and building company with a fresh perspective on building detail and approach.

Our Brief

Was to create an industrial themed space with the colours Purple and Yellow to reflect their brand. A grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony with staging and AV for the formalities. The space will be lit with par cans and glow furniture to create the atmosphere. Then soften the concreted space by synthetic grass and a centerpiece display logo cut-out of WBC.

Scope of Work

• Administration

• Art director (stylist)

• Audio and visual production

• Catering and venue management

• Event coordination

• Event management

• Event production

• Onsite Registration

• Pre-event and onsite communication

• Staging and Logistics

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