8 Top Tips for Planning a Successful Business Breakfast

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Hosting a business event? Why not schedule it over breakfast?!

Business events held over breakfast work well for two key reasons. Firstly, attendees are more likely to RSVP as they will not feel like you are interrupting their day or taking them away from their personal time. Secondly, numerous studies suggest that early mornings are when the majority of people are at their most alert and productive.

For these key reasons, events which require participation from attendees, such as training, networking, educational or fundraising events, will get great results. In fact, most business events work well over breakfast, and we think events that include inspirational speakers, motivational business coaching, charity awareness or leadership training work particularly well over the morning time slot.

Making the most of this opportunity, however, does take some planning. Not everyone is a morning person and, as always, making sure you make the most of your attendees’ time is paramount.

To discover the secret to planning successful breakfast events we caught up recently with Eyob Yesus from Sydney-based event management company, Icon Corporate Events. Eyob and his team have been planning a series of successful business breakfast events for Sydney Hills Business Chamber and he shared with us his eight top tips for planning business breakfast events…

1. Serve great coffee!

Coffee! Ensuring there is great coffee available on arrival and throughout your event is a MUST for breakfast events.

Coffee service needs to be available for guests as soon as they walk in the door. Make sure the service is quick and don’t skimp on quality. Australian coffee drinkers know their stuff – weak, cold or tasteless coffee will not be tolerated.

Ensure you also have a steaming hot selection of teas available too.

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2. Serve a balanced breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and guests are more than likely going to arrive hungry. To ensure yo