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CASE STUDY - Investe in Piaui Day

Updated: May 31

The “Strategic Investment Attraction Agency of the State of Piaui – Investe Piaui”, through its CEO Victor Hugo Saraiva de Almeida, invited directors, CEO and export stakeholders and associations to ‘Investe in Piaui Day’, a seminar followed by a cocktail event to highlight to Australia the wealth and potential of the Brazilian state of Piaui.


In the event, the Governor, Rafael Fonteles, will address all of Piaui’s potential to show how the state may be a commercial link between Australia and Latin American markets.


The event took place on 20th of March, 5 pm at the Hyatt Regency Sydney.



Host a Brazilian delegation from Piaui Brazil. Arrange transfers and transportation for 25 delegates from Brazil across two states, Sydney and Perth. Target and invite startups, importers, and exporters from across Australia. Plan, book and source a 3-hour combined seminar and cocktail event to showcase products and commodities from Piaui, Brazil.


In less than 4 weeks our team was able to deliver a great event that delivered a targeted outcome for a foreign investment body that wanted to showcase their resources and attract investment from Australia.


Our marketing campaign targeting export companies and start-ups stands out given that we had less than 4 weeks to invite various bodies including start-up communities, CEO’s and directors from import/export companies and directors from the import/export associations.


The Brazilian theme was delivered with a keynote presentation by the Governor, Rafael Fonteles next 2 flags that represented both nations. An incredible video that showcased Piaui Brazil followed by a cocktail event that had Brazilian Caprihini’s, delicious canape’s and Brazilian bosa nova music.


Scope of Work


Pre-event communication with key stakeholders (venue, audiovisual, speakers, catering, marketing). Prepare event program, run sheet, production sheet, event timeline and checklists. Confirm all necessary preparations are to execute the cocktail event. Conduct site inspections and a full review of all the activities that have been booked for the event. Coordinate development (collateral) of materials to execute a quality event. Dedicated event comms to ensure streamlined communication with all stakeholders and attendees.



Finalise event program and confirm all necessary preparations for event day. Onsite communication with key stakeholders (venue, audiovisual, speakers, catering) to execute event. Work closely with event coordinator team to facilitate event registration process. Troubleshoot and communicate with clients to resolve all issues for the successful execution of the event program. Onsite Bumpin, bumpout, venue set-up, and coordination of key stakeholders.



Oversee communication and management of the event including representing and delivering service excellence that is in keeping with Invest Piauí Brazil and its goals. Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to define and execute event objectives and specific implementation plans that promote Invest Piauí Brazil. Establish communication protocols and operating procedures with Invest Piauí Brazil, subcontractors and program staff. Determine fiscal requirements from stakeholders. Maintain a calendar of event and implement a system that enables and anticipates 4-week planning for effective event management for the cocktail event.



Administer and facilitate post-event debriefing with Invest Piauí Brazil.



Set-up ticketing and registration platform. Manage check-ins and enquiries from delegates. Set reminders and announcements including nurture campaign to encourage ticket sales.



Create a profile and persona of the intended target market. Create a list of businesses, companies, business and investment bodies that want to invest in exporting Brazilian products and services to Australia. Build all required marketing collateral including invites, paraphernalia and onsite signage to highlight the event. Invite the target list to the cocktail event. Follow up and provide a post-marketing report with results.



Source and book venue



Source and book AV



Source and Book



Source, book and schedule

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