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Professional Conference Organisers

We deliver a professional conference organising structure that is simple and effective. More importantly, take the stress out of your conference and deliver your message succinctly.

How do we do this?

Project management including:

  • Concept and creation

  • Risk management

  • Timelines and minutes

  • Customer focused on-site management

  • Post reporting and evaluation

  • Budget management

  • Supplier engagement


  • Accomodation management

  • Venue management and negotiation

  • Transport and travel management


  • Design, print and distribution

  • Marketing, promotions and publicity

  • Website development and execution


  • Virtual and Hybrid event management

  • Webinars and workshops

  • Audio visual management

  • Engagement tool management


  • Ticketing and registration

  • Platform and delegate management


  • Format and content

  • Speaker sourcing and management

  • Entertainment sourcing and management

  • Theme and direction

Special events

  • Dinners and awards

  • Networking events

  • Team bonding activities

  • Facilitated sessions

  • Tours and social

Sponsorship and exhibition

  • Sponsorship management

  • Exhibitor management

Contact our team today on for more details on how we can assist you with your upcoming conference.

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