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Five Senses that deliver fabulous Gala Dinners

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Gala dinners are a great way to celebrate, reward and engage your staff. A crucial element that gives your gala dinner an overall direction is theming. Establishing a theme for your gala dinner will create a unique atmosphere for your staff and allow it to stand out from other dinner events. A subtle way to reinforce your theme and brand is through playing with the five senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. Below are some examples of how you can entice the senses at your gala dinner.


A great way to play with your guests’ sense of hearing is through music and sound effects. For example, if your gala dinner has an island getaway theme, why not use a recording of the ocean waves to really transport your guests to a beautiful remote island. This can be added at subtle engagement pieces such as your photo booth, silent auction items and entrance.


A great way to attract your guests’ sense of smell is through scented candles. For some people, smells trigger great memories. What better way to be an unforgettable event than through your guests’ olfactory sense. For your island getaway themed event, place ocean scented candles throughout the room. The next time your guests visit the beach, they’ll be transported back to your gala dinner.


To go with your island getaway theme, why not create a mini island centrepiece? Fill a fishbowl with sand and island themed goodies like seashells or coconuts and flowers.


Why not break away from the normal collateral of plain paper menu cards and programs? Use people’s sense of touch to your advantage and incorporate texture into your theming. There are endless paper types to choose from and your local printer will be able to assist you in picking a type that will suit you.


Transport your guests back to a time of play and being carefree. Incorporate popping candy into your dessert and they’ll instantly be reminded of their childhood when the sugar crystals start to crackle and pop in their mouths.

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