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Top 5 innovative event products to re-open.

With the announcement of venues and event spaces opening up, business events are back and its exciting. Connect your staff, stakeholders and clients to deliver that all important company and business message to plan and achieve your recovery. We spoke a lot about the need to pivot to Virtual and Hybrid Events and how this is the future of business events moving forward. We wanted to share with you some of the new innovative and exciting products that will ensure the safety of your attendees and more importantly keep them engaged at both the live and virtual events.


Cumulus is a free event app that has been developed by Encore. It lets you easily share relevant event information with attendees, instantly. The reason we love this product is because of its simplicity. Cumulus allows you to swiftly upload and communicate everything from agendas and downloads, to sponsorship information and much more. No print-outs required when you have your agenda, speaker bios or directions and say hello to Cumulus: your event in the palm of your hand.

Body Temperature Thermal Cameras

We spoke about this product on our last newsletter and it's important that we emphasis it. Combining AI image recognition technology and thermal imaging technology, a non-contact, high-precision, efficient and safe AI thermal imaging body temperature screening solution was launched by Micro Hire. Options are available for single detection cameras, ideal for a secure or focused entry points, right up to high-volume cameras capable of detecting multiple people in real time.


Sprintr is an onsite registration management self-serve kiosk that prints delegate name badges in seconds. Sprintr Kiosks revolutionise the onsite registration process by reducing your workload and creating an engaging entry for your event attendees. The kiosk technology enables you to streamline communications, strengthen engagement, simplify logistics and impress your attendees.

Bare Hand Sanitiser

Seeking to utilise existing expertise in industrial design and manufacturing, BARE Hygiene was born to provide businesses and venues with a stylish solution to meet the COVID-19 requirements for hand sanitisation. Leading events and exhibitions hire company, DisplayWise, quickly pivoted to produce these premium sanitisation units which will now be a standard at all events.

Indoor Wayfinding

Indoor Wayfinding helps attendees navigate exhibit halls with ease, similar to how GPS-enabled Google Maps and Waze provide driving assistance. These indoor position systems (IPS) use stationary Bluetooth beacons around event venues, sending out signals read by mobile apps. This will help you better plan your event experience and limit your touch points within an event. You’ll get to the exhibitor or presentation of your choice faster and efficiently. Check out Maze Map for your indoor wayfinding solutions.

For more details on how utilise these products and plan for a safe and risk averse event, contact our team today on

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