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Virtual and Hybrid Events: Different types of Attendees

2020 has been an absolute mayhem, with the imposition of restrictions and lockdown, the event industry has been bearing the brunt. But as humans, we adapt to our environment and navigated the year through virtual events. Virtual and hybrid events are drastically different to face-to-face events as every single participant are attending remotely.

If you’re planning on hosting a virtual event, knowing the types of attendees you’re going to interact with is an important first step for successful planning.

Active attendees are individuals who actively engage with the event throughout its entirety. They can do so by partaking in games and challenges, live polls, and social media. This makes them the most valuable attendees for the host as they are essentially participating in experiential marketing.

The biggest risk of virtual events are passive attendees. Although they may be present virtually, they are less likely to engage with the content of the event. They would often leave early or simply have the event running in the background while they are distracted elsewhere. These attendants offer no contribution or benefits to the event.

Therefore, it is vital that you strategize a plan that will ensure all attendees at the event stay engaged and focused.

If you’re wondering how you can convert passive attendees into active attendees, stay tuned for our next blog to learn how.

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