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Attending a Virtual Event? Tips and tricks to maximise your engagement

Have you ever found yourself tuning into a virtual event only to come out feeling like it’s another YouTube clip? Virtual events are here to stay in the business events world and they are providing the connection we dearly miss from our live events during the COVID era. A lack of engagement can interfere with this process resulting in a wasteful use of time. Allow us to guide you with some tips and tricks that will fully maximise your engagement and effectively utilise your next event.

1. Minimise distractions

While this may sound simple enough, you can easily be distracted by the small ring of a notification. In order to wholly immerse yourself into the event, distractions must be kept to a minimal. So, find yourself a comfortable working space, keep your phone on silent and keep your family members aware of your schedule. Remember that this is your personal time to enjoy yourself.

2. Old fashioned pen and paper

Any event, may it be virtual or face-to-face, has an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be absorbed. Taking down these notes on a pen and paper enable you to have a deeper focus on the event itself while saving you the hassle of switching between screens.

3. Networking and engagement

There is a plethora of attendees for any event, and even though you may not physically be in each other’s presence, virtual events are nevertheless a great opportunity to network. Engaging with other attendees by switching on your camera, engaging with the activity tools and tech provided by the event organiser to connect and build rapport will allow you to keep up with attendees in the room and even have a bit of fun!

4. Make yourself comfortable and give yourself some space

Make yourself comfortable and give yourself some space so that you can enjoy the virtual experience. There are some great virtual events out there and you want to be present by creating a great environment around you. Get a comfortable cushion, get your healthy snacks and give yourself some space to stretch and even exercise.

Follow these tips and your next virtual event will definitely be a delightful experience!

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