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Thank you, Japan and Olympic Event Managers 👏

An open letter to the courageous people of Japan and event managers that organised the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games successfully.

If you love sports like I do, you would’ve been following the Olympics for the past 2 weeks. Australia had its highest medal count to date and the Boomers led by Patty Mills were able to get their first basketball medal (Yes, Go Boomers!).

I don’t think that there will be one event manager that wasn’t thinking about the bumpin, bump-out, logistics, magnitude of the risk management plan and effort that has gone into this sporting event during these times. As reporter, Paul Sweeney from The Australian put it,

‘Notwithstanding the most difficult circumstances imaginable, the execution of the Games was flawless, the facilities were world’s best and the dignity, politeness and respect with which all visiting participants were treated was outstanding, as is usual in Japan.’

I think about Japan and the Japanese people that fought for and against this event and made it right through till the end. The only word I can sum this up with is, courageous.

Yes, of course we wouldn’t have been able to get the full party or spectacular show that the opening and closing ceremony had to offer but these are serious times and Japanese people are too respectful and grateful to even consider an opening ceremony where we could rejoice in full while people are sadly losing their battle to this virus.

Exciting games, great wins and more importantly a safe event that was really well organised by the event managers and the Japanese people.

I hope you are super proud as we are super proud of you.

Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu.

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