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We're staying Pawsitive!

Pawsitive Steps 2019 - Zumba with Nina
Pawsitive Steps 2019 - Zumba with Nina

After an incredible 2019 festival, the team at Icon are back supporting Mind Connections Foundation with the only festival dedicated to celebrating dogs as champions of mental health. 

Pawsitive Steps introduced an array of diverse programs that not only delivered enjoyment, physical activity, and well-being but also disseminated invaluable insights into the various challenges associated with mental health.

Friendly, warm-hearted, and delightful four-legged companions have become pivotal figures in the lives of many individuals, significantly contributing to the cause of mental health awareness within the wider community. In 2019, our team effectively addressed and reshaped prevalent attitudes regarding mental health, highlighting a holistic approach to enhancing mental well-being, both in domestic and professional settings through an exciting festival that made it accessible to talk about the topic.

Pawsitive Steps 2019
Pawsitive Steps 2019 - Purina Dog Arena

We're seeking;

  • Dog products and service providers

  • Health and fitness products and service providers

  • Healthy food products and service providers

  • Mental Health products and service providers

To be a part of this unique initiative that combines Dogs and Mental Health in a celebratory event.

We have multiple opportunities available including:

Partnerships – Elevate your brand's visibility in Rouse Hill and the Hills District while supporting an incredible cause.

Exhibitors – Showcase your products and services in Rouse Hill and the Hills District while supporting an incredible cause.

Volunteers – Join us by being a part of the committee, event staff, and more.


The festival will be held on Saturday the 27th of April 2024 from 9am – 5pm at Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Contact our team today on

Our team takes immense pride in this event, and we remain wholeheartedly dedicated to advancing this incredible cause.

Pawstive Steps 2024 - Save the date

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